The Power of Nettles

If you’re looking for a way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake- look no further. 

Nettles have proven to be extremely beneficial to your health whether you are trying to conceive, navigating postpartum healing or you simply want to feel great!

When it comes to taking vitamins and minerals it’s important to consider taking them in the most natural form possible. Because they all work together in an ecosystem to create the benefits they provide within your body, if you are taking them individually, you can create deficiencies if you aren’t careful. 

This is why eating an actual orange is better than just taking a vitamin C supplement- the orange will contain many other important vitamins and minerals that work together to give your immune system that powerful boost you’re looking for among other great benefits.

Nettles is gentle and naturally occurring in nature containing the perfect cocktail of bioavailable nutrients for your system supporting your natural physiology.

Nettles is rich in protein and contains zinc, selenium, chromium, boron and sulfur.

Vitamins A, D, C, K, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron are also present in this amazing tea leaf.

In fact, one quart of nettles tea contains more than 1000 mg of calcium, 15000 IUs of Vit A, 760 MG Vit K, 10% protein and the most B vitamins you will ever find in a tea. Because it is natural and not synthetic your body will use what it needs and get rid of the rest! Its high amount of nutrients replenishes your adrenal glands helping your body to respond to stressors addressing toxicity and deficiency.

Low in iron? Nettles is one of the best iron supplements in the world. Because its plant based and natural you won’t get side effects like constipation. 

Are you pregnant?? Nettles will be your best friend. Along with drenching your system with nutrients it also acts as a kidney tonic and diuretic helping with swelling and edema. Because the kidneys have to filter so much more blood during this time it can often cause adrenal fatigue which is commonly mistaken for thyroid issues. The vitamin K content in this tea can help prevent hemorrhage after birth, reduce the likelihood of hemorrhoids and improve veins. With its high magnesium and calcium content it can also help with things like leg cramps and spasms. In that first trimester your body is working to build that blood volume- nettles is great for this!

Did you just birth your baby? Nettles is a fantastic tool to have postpartum as it can help dimmish pain after childbirth but also increase breast milk supply and benefits for your baby.

Need energy? Nettles is extremely energizing without being a stimulant avoiding the common repercussions of drinking things with high caffeine content and a lot of sugar.

Other amazing benefits of Nettles include:

-Improves digestion & digestive enzymes

-Improves Hydration

– Supports your body’s natural detox systems

– Restores mood

– Better Sleep

– Strengthens and improves hair, skin and nails

– Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

– Aids in healthy blood vessels

How To Brew:

I order my nettles from Mountain Rose Herbs and brew 32 ounces at a time.

  • In a 32-ounce mason jar add ¾ cup of dried and cut nettle leaf
  • Boil 32 ounces of water and then add it to the jar
  • Cover the jar or place the lid on loosely and let it brew for 4-8 hours- the longer it brews the stronger it will be!
  • Strain out of the leaf and enjoy! (here’s the strainer I use)

While some people like it hot I enjoy mine over ice with lemon 😊

For the best results drink 32 ounces a day.