Why Chiropractic for Fertility

Have you ever owned an old TV and upgraded to a new HD one? Do you remember thinking “I am never going to be able to go back!”

This is EXACTLY like what happens when you start receiving chiropractic care.

Your body is able to perceive and respond to your world in a whole new way… you heal better, you adapt better, you feel better, you respond better to stressors instead of crumbling beneath them with chronic health conditions stacking up along the way…

Your body can actually respond and heal the way it was designed to!

Why would you ever want to go back from this!?

A common misconception about Chiropractic care is that it was designed to treat pain. And while it can absolutely be helpful in relieving aches and pains, this is not what makes Chiropractic powerful.

Chiropractic care removes interference that exists between the brain and the body.

Interference between the brain and the body can cause a wide range of health problems.

Let me explain further…

Imagine being on the phone with a friend and the connection was staticky and kept going in and out, you wouldn’t be able to understand the context of what they were saying to you very easily leading you to not being able to respond appropriately.

What if they told you they had a death in the family, and you started laughing because that is not the message you heard with all the interference? Not good right?

So, in terms of your body imagine your hormones for example…

If your brain needs to tell your ovaries to produce estrogen or progesterone and it’s unable to get the message there clearly and efficiently- can you see how this would interfere with proper hormone production?

Does this mean that you have an actual hormone problem? No.

So, does it make sense to treat it as such? No. But 9 times out of 10 this is what happens.

Now there are most certainly other factors besides nervous system interference that can play a part in hormonal issues in the body but creating baseline health and communication must come first when working to heal the body and restore proper function.

THIS is why Chiropractic is a main essential in our Fertility Protocol.

Your body MUST be able to communicate and adapt appropriately on all levels. Not only for healthy conception but also to sustain a healthy full-term pregnancy and have a radiantly healthy baby.