Our health is our greatest asset, and at Verus Chiropractic we love helping people overcome chronic health challenges who haven’t responded to traditional medical or other treatments.

We quite often hear that our care is different and that we are very thorough. We objectively measure all aspects of clinical care using myovision, nervoscope and digital x-rays while looking at the spine and the unique relationship it has to the nervous system. We are honored to offer a natural and refreshing approach to how we make decisions about health care.

Here at Verus Chiropractic, we want to empower individuals to take control of their health and are committed to giving them the tools and environment needed to do so. We would love to see our communities be healthier, not only for ourselves, but for our generations to come.

Verus: (latin) adj. True, real, genuine

Verus Chiropractic is a family -oriented practice located in Moline, Illinois. Discover why more and more families choose Verus Chiropractic as the solution for better health.

Hi, I’m Dr. Anette!

Dr. Anette is a proud native and citizen of Norway- the country where she was born and has spent most of her life. Her love for adventure and fascination with the healing arts ultimately lead her to graduate school at Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa where she attained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2014. Dr. Anette is passionate improving the lives of everyone she is around- both in and outside the office. Among many things, Dr. Anette loves life, fitness, reading, making art, enjoying nature, traveling, and making people smile.

Hi, I’m Dr. Morgen!

Dr. Morgen spent his childhood on the Ozark plateau of southern MIssouri and northern Arkansas. Dr. Morgen has a passion for people and has consistently sought out ways to serve. Ultimately this passion lead him to Palmer College of Chiropractic- where he graduated in 2017. Throughout his life Dr. Morgen has sought adventure- whether in a foreign country or embedded in the day-to-day of life. Passions include many things; travel, reading, fitness, art, hunting and nature to name a few. His major life accomplishments are being a dad and serving as a grunt in the USMC.



We are often asked if Chiropactic care is safe for expecting mothers and the little one inside – the simple answer is YES. Chiropractic is a non-invasive and drug-free health-care option for expecting mothers, before, during and after the many bodily changes that occur during pregnancy.


We are specially trained to care for people of all ages, and to modify our technique and pressure depending on the patient. For a newborn or infant, our adjustments would be more gentle, and we would not use more pressure than we would if we were touching a ripe tomato.


We love taking care of anyone who walks in the door, but there is something extra special about being able to care for the whole family. Healthy children grow up to be healthy adults, and the best way to set them up for success is to prevent issues in the future. The little ones learn our habits, so it is crucial for us to take care of ourselves and be great examples of health. More and more families are therefore choosing chiropractic care to stay healthy, regardless of symptoms.

“The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease.” -BJ Palmer



As former (somewhat) athletes ourselves, we have experienced first hand how important chiropractic care when working out or playing sports truly is. There is a reason why an estimated 90% of all world-class athletes routinely use chiropractic care to prevent injuries, decrease recovery time, and boost performance.

We also adjust extremities!


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