Walking in to new places and meeting new faces can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

A chiropractic office is no exception, and if you have never experienced chiropractic care, you may not know what to expect. On this page, you can read a little bit about what we do and familiarize yourself with our healing art, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

What to expect

The first visit is all about getting to know you, your needs and goals, and how we can help. Next, the doctor will perform specific tests to determine where your problem areas might be.

These tests include, but are not limited to:

Which will detect increased thermal activity and uneven distributions of heat present at the site of a vertebral subluxation.

Which examines the spine for the presence of tenderness, and changes of the skin, muscles tension, swelling, and movement of each spinal segment.

Digital X-rays
Will be taken on site, if functional problems are detected by the previous tests, as long as you are not pregnant or under the age of 5. These will be taken in a weight bearing position (standing) from the front and the side.

The doctor will then give you a detailed report of findings, explaining the results of the examination and x-rays, and give you recommendations for care.

The Following Visits

Typically, after the first visit, appointments require approximately 10-15 minutes, but we make sure we give you the time needed at every appointment. How frequent you are seen in our office depends on your unique situation and history. Everyone is different, which means the care should be too. We do not sell care-plans. We strive to achieve the most with doing the least.

Many people wonder if they need to be seen for the rest of their life when they first seek chiropractic care – the answer is No, but the truth is that most people choose to have regular check-ups to stay well and keep their spine aligned, and to maintain their results and identify issues before they become significant problems, the same way one would visit the dentist regularly to make sure everything is ok.